2019 Honda Pilot: The First Impression

The Honda Pilot that now got its 2019 edition released looked more like a minivan than a three-row crossover. This 4-door hatchback can carry seven to eight passengers in its spacious cabin and you can order it either as front- or all-wheel-drive. I was always a big fan of Honda. So, when I saw the release news of the 2019 Honda Pilot, I couldn’t wait any longer to visit the Petaluma Honda dealer, which was the nearest to me. There I got  the chance to go for a test drive, and here is what I experienced.

A Powerful Engine

Matching with its name the Honda Pilot has all the qualities to show the rest of the cars in its segment, how powerful an SUV should be. With a SOHC 24-valve V-6 engine and with either a6-speed automatic or a 9-speed automatic with manual shifting mode, the 2019 Honda Pilotreaches a 280 of horsepower @ 6000 rpm with a torque touching 262 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm.

The Power Presence

With a new set ofplastic front and rear bumper covers, which are partly painted with silver to appear like skid plates, the 2019 Pilot shows its keen interest in looking like an SUV.The old front grille has been changed to a new one that look square-jawed and the reverse lights have been shifted upwards from the rear-bumper cover to almost near the taillight clusters. All these changes give the crossover a powerful presence, that none can ignore.

How Much Entertaining

In this newly updated cabin of the 2019 Honda Pilot, the first thing you will notice in its infotainment system arethe newly planted physical volume knobs, as a vital part of the gauge-cluster package, which theyimported from the Odyssey minivan. The new infotainment system is quite intuitive in its response, though it has scope to do better. The most interesting part of this new infotainment system is the CabinTalk, a system where the front-row occupants can speak to the second- and third-row passengers with the help of an intercom, pause any video streaming on the rear-seat entertainment system.  On the other hand the rear-seat entertainment system now includes a new puppet-themed “How Much Farther?” app that will automatically display the time and distance to the destination like a flight tracker. In addition to this there is a Wireless phone charging and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivityto keep you stay connected to the rest of the world.

The Fuel Economy Ratings

With the 3.5-liter V-6 and optional i-VTM4 engine that are able to create a 280-hp when driven on the mostly demanded all-wheel-drive system, the 2019 Honda Pilot continues toserve its earlier fuel economy EPA rating that said it can cross 22 mpg in a combined trip on its all-wheel-drive especially when it gets the nine-speed automatic transmission to work with the engine options.

The Bottom Line

With the 2019 changes the Honda Pilot has definitely improved for better, says the Petaluma Honda dealership experts.

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