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Actually, the cost of fuel has been presenting big challenges to most truck operators – both large and small. So, what should you do when planning to refuel your large truck?

Think about the price

Just like other common commodities, truck fuel becomes cheaper when you buy larger amounts. Actually, a 30,000-litre tanker generally costs lesser than a 60 litres container. However, most small truck operators cannot justify spending their money on a large diesel tanker – including if they had the dispensing equipment and the tank.

To refuel your truck, you can consider one of the available fuel sources for your truck. The first source is the bulk storage facilities in transport yards or petrol stations (i.e. truck stops).

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Bulk fuel storage for trucks

If you have over five trucks operating within a particular location, the option of installing a bulk diesel tank is more economical. Generally, you will have numerous credit accounts with the local oil suppliers and will fuel them whenever the need to refuel arises. If your vehicles work within a certain radius and have to return to the station at night, a diesel storage tank will help save money.

A fuel storage tank will also help you control your cash flow and credits. Diesel bought in bulk is cheaper per every litre. A bulk fuel tank is also more convenient because you can refuel all your trucks at night. In other words, your drivers will work during the day and will not wait to refuel. To save on the costs, purchase a full-load tank of 30,000 litres.

Truck stops

At a petrol station or truck stop, you will have the option of paying with a credit card or by cash.   However, before heading for a refuelling station, you should shop around to identify the best. Paying for truck fuel as you go is not wrong. However, you will be paying for the actual retail price – without any knowledge of how fuel prices are changing. When your credit card reaches its limit, you will have to select another money source.

Even though you can invest in your own fuel facility, you will still have to refuel your trucks from petrol stations and truck stops where your trucks cannot return to your base or when the on-site facility has problems.

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