American Auto Shield Provides Numerous Additional Advantages to Car Owners

If you are thinking about purchasing an extended warranty for your car then it is essential that you enter into a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) with American Auto Shield (AAS).  This contract ensures that you do not incur extensive financial expenditure in case parts of your car needs to be replaced and repaired. Similarly, if your car suffers extensive damage in case of an accident, then too the extended warranty will cover all expenses incurred in lieu of the damage. However, all of this is covered in a private car insurance policy, then why should you opt for an extended warranty. One of the major reasons for opting for an extended car insurance warranty is the claims assistance provided by the company. The American Auto Shield customer service is known for providing prompt action and support. Any customer filing for insurance claims through the American Auto Shield is guaranteed to receive quick redressal of claims and early reimbursement of expenses. Additionally, the American Auto Shield extended warranty provides numerous other advantages some of which are as follows:

  • Trip reimbursement facility: Consider a scenario wherein you have just started from your home to go on a vacation and your car suffers a breakdown. Moreover, you have not even covered a distance of one hundred miles from your home and your ‘trip is interrupted’, because of a breakdown. Subsequently, your car has to be kept in the garage or service center overnight for repairs, then you are bound to receive trip reimbursement. The reimbursement is granted if you put up in a motel or a hotel on the route to your vacation and the reason for this sudden stay is because your car has had a breakdown. If you submit the requisite invoices and paper work, then the money that you paid for staying in the motel or hotel will be reimbursed.
  • Emergency services: Through the American Auto Shield’s extended warranty you can enjoy numerous additional services like reimbursement of the expenses in case you have to hire a car because your car has suffered a breakdown, emergency towing expenses in case your car has broken down and even emergency tire replacement services. Sometimes garages and car servicing centers charge a certain amount foe delivering the serviced vehicle to your residence. If you have to pay for any such expenses, you can claim reimbursement provided you have an extended car warranty with American Auto Shield.

Thus, the American Auto Shield provides coverage of expenses incurred in case your car has a breakdown, has to parts replaced or you need to hire a car as your car is in the garage or the servicing center. If you read the American Auto Shield Reviews you will find that the company has holds excellent service record when it comes to reimbursement of expenses and claims settlement. So in order to protect yourself from incurring intensive expenses it is advisable that you opt for the American Auto Shield’s extended car warranty.

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