Car Insurance Comparison: Progressive Insurance vs. Tesco Insurance

It is important to compare quotes of different car insurance companies. This way, you get to know the different benefits and deals the companies are offering — and they differ from company to company. It’s also a great way of getting the best rates too.

One of the comparisons may make is Progressive insurance vs Tesco insurance.

Both companies offer auto insurance, the coverage and scope of which depend on your needs. But as with any kind of product, there are noticeable differences. Here’s a quick guide:

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is a popular insurance company that offers coverage for cars, homes, and even life insurance. If you are looking for bundle insurance packs, this is a good place to start.

But it is best known for their car insurance, although Progressive has coverage for basically any kind of vehicle.

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Progressive has the usual choices and options when it comes to auto insurance; if you want basic coverage, you can find the best rates here. But they also offer good add-ons (the availability of which, unfortunately, depend from state to state).

Some notable options include roadside assistance. For a minimum additional fee on top of your coverage, Progressive van provide you with help in case of road emergencies such as you running out of gas or having a flat tire, a dead battery, or motor breakdown. Yes, it can even help you if you lock yourself out of your car.

Another good add-on to consider is its custom parts program that offers to fix custom accessories and parts you add to your vehicle, under certain conditions.

If you are a pet owner, Progressive also offers pet injury protection as part of your collision coverage.

In addition, it has a program that opts to collect your personal driving information that can be used to adjust your rate if you renew your plan. This can be to your advantage if you have a good driving record.

Tesco Insurance

So where does Tesco stand in Progressive insurance vs Tesco insurance battle?

Tesco is a bank that offers insurance products and loans so you are assured of its financial security.

Like Progressive, it offers good basic insurance plans for car owners, although Tesco also offers a number of good package bundles if you want to get several products from one company for easy maintenance.

But what’s good with Tesco is that it offers quite a good range of benefits and features in its auto insurance that comes as standard — meaning, no additional fees. The coverage can be personalized, more so than other companies and plans, and you can add a little extra to get the coverage would suit your needs.

Some of its additional options include an uninsured driver plan (which means you won’t penalized if you get hit by a driver who is uninsured); a small courtesy car from when your car is being repaired after a claim; fire, theft, windscreen, and in-car entertainment equipment coverage.

There is, really, no absolute winner when it comes to Progressive insurance vs Tesco insurance. It all depends on your needs and if you can find a plan that fits your needs. Here are some car insurance mistakes you want to avoid:
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