Different types of service packages

Everyone knows about the famous automobile service of B-Select Soon Lee Car Workshop. This is a very big brand in terms of automobile repairing especially for car repairing. They open their workshop in many countries and have a very reputed and trustworthy company because of its service. They offer every type of car repairing service which includes cleaning and washing of the car, car aircon repair, brake repairing, wheel service and many more other service.

It is very essential for you to maintain your car that means you should perform a regular servicing of your car if you want that your car will run smooth and without any problem.

Types of services offered by these companies

There are generally 4 types of services which can be performed by these companies such as –

Safety service – this type of service is generally included as an inspection work and includes changing of engine oil, bonnet checking, replacement of oil filter, check the battery, inspect shoe breaks and others.  This service allows your car to perform well till 3000 km or 12 moths whichever comes first.

Major Service – this service is a very good option for you if you want to get rid from the regular service, if take the package of this service it will long last till 30,000 km or 24 months whichever comes first.  This service includes all the safety service along with some extra important services such engine checking, fault finding and scanning and much more.

Premium service – this service is better than a major and safety service and this service will long last till 45,000 km or 36 months. This service includes both the service as mentioned above along with two additional services such as they check the brake fluid as well as coolant replacement.

Ultimate service – this service is best of all it includes all above services and also has many added services which will ensure the well being of your car for at least 60,000 km or 48 moths.

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