Holden Takata Airbag Recall

Holden Takata recall is one of the biggest recall to occur in history. It has affected over sixty million cars on the road. The recall is due to the faulty airbags supplied to automobile makers by the Japanese manufacturer Takata.   The airbags defect have led to severe injuries approximated at 230 people and have been linked to 20 deaths.

How does this affect you & Who is Takata?

Situated in Japan, Takata is a leading manufacturer of car parts. It is a supplier of components such as airbags, seat belts, steering wheels, electronics, and other interior parts. Survey research shows that over twenty-five percent of cars in the World have Takata Airbags.

What is the root problem of the Takata airbags?     

Most of the readers know how an airbag inflates during a crash. It has been illustrated in movies or driving classes. Airbags are very crucial to preventing a car occupant from hitting the hard surfaces. The hard surfaces like the steering wheel and windscreen can cause severe injury which can cause death.     

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Why do airbags inflate immediately after a collision?      

The airbags contain ammonium nitrate which causes the blowup. Ammonium Nitrate is very sensitive to moisture and temperature changes.  Through reports, it is stated that the seals used on the Takata airbags are faulty. Thus moisture is penetrating in the airbags which is wrong. The moisture reaction with ammonium nitrate can cause “over-aggressive combustion” thus causing harm to the occupant of the car in case of an accident.     

How Serious is the problem?     

The direct deaths linked to the faulty airbags are 20. The first person to be reported to have died due to the defect of the airbags is an Oklahoma teenager. Ashley Parham died after an accident when her neck was hit with metal fragments. The family settled with both Honda and Takata out of court.     

Which Automobiles are affected?     

Major car manufacturers such as Toyota, Subaru, BMW, General Motors, Chrysler, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz have been affected with the recall.  Holden Brand has already recalled the models manufactured in the year 2005 to 2009. The type models are Astra hatch, Astra Wagon, Astra Convertible and Astra VXR.

How do I confirm my car is affected?     

Visit the Takata customer helpline website and enter the details of the car. Or contact your car manufacturer on their website too. It is the easiest and efficient way.     

How will I get new airbags if affected?     

There is a scarcity of new airbags. Thus when you confirm you are on the recall list, please start to find a place to replace yours soon. The reason is it may take longer to replace all affected airbags due to the number of vehicles involved.

Holden has advised to return all cars to the dealership for the repair, even if the car is long out of warranty. They advise not to proceed with repairs using a Holden workshop manual, instead to return direct to the dealer for free replacement.

According to official reports, it is compulsory to replace all defective airbags under law. All vehicles affected by the Takata recall in Australia should replace new airbags by 2020.   

After installation, a defective Takata airbag can increase the risk of rapturing within six to twenty-five years of car existence. For safety, it is crucial for the airbags to be replaced.      

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