How Drivers Can Promote Safety for Motorcyclists on the Road

There can be no doubt that riding a motorcycle in traffic is more dangerous than driving a car or truck. Motorcyclists are more exposed than someone behind the wheel of a car, and even when they are wearing helmets and leathers they are often seriously hurt when they are in an accident. Whether you are a motorcyclist yourself or you drive past them on the road in your car, there are ways you can promote safety on the road for those on bikes.

Motorcycle Safety

First of all, let’s go over what motorcyclists can do to keep themselves safe. One of the biggest mistake that novice motorcyclists make is treating their bikes as smaller than the rest of the vehicles on the road. Yes, they technically are smaller, but they need to be treated like they take up just as much space on the road as a car. Give yourself plenty of room when you ride; don’t weave in and out of lanes or tailgate other drivers just because you think you can. This also goes for other drivers who have to share the road with motorcycles. All vehicles need plenty of space to maneuver or stop suddenly if they have to, no matter how large they are.

The next thing you can do when you’re driving a motorcycle is to avoid the center of lanes when traffic slows down. Anybody who has spent any amount of time in rush hour traffic knows that traffic can grind to a halt at a moment’s notice, and you need to be able to make a quick exit out of a lane if the car behind you fails to stop or slow down in time.

Finally, motorcyclists need to dress to be seen. Wearing leather and a helmet should be a must even if you aren’t legally required to do so, but you should also have some reflective clothing as well. Failing that, make sure that your bike has some reflectors that can be seen. Either solution will make you more visible to other drivers.

Safety Tips for Other Drivers

We’ve already mentioned that other drivers need to treat motorcycles like larger vehicles on the road, but there are other things they should be doing to promote a safer highway. First of all, all drivers should keep tabs on their blind spots. Motorcycles fit all too well within most vehicles’ blind spots, and you can’t trust motorcyclists to always stay where they can be seen. Second, always be careful when you pull in front of a motorcycle. Motorcycles can look farther away than they actually are due to their smaller size, so it’s easy to accidentally clip one when you’re merging into a lane in front of them. Finally, don’t be afraid to move to another lane when a motorcycle is merging into your own lane. You can still hit or be hit by a motorcyclist who isn’t being very careful, but the odds of that happening will be significantly less if you aren’t sharing a lane.

No matter how careful you may be on the road, accidents can still happen. They can be particularly devastating for a motorcyclist, so don’t hesitate to contact an attorney if you’ve been recently involved in a motorcycle accident.
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