How Hyundai Ensures High Performance in Every Car

Hyundai as a leading automobile manufacturer had a long journey that evolved from producing magnificent cars that became stronger yet lighter with every redesign. In other words Hyundai has created a new statement of values to be maintained in automobiles.

To know more about how Hyundai could arrive at this sure shot formula of making cars that will invariably deliver high-performance, we simply searched for the best Philadelphia dealer near me, and finally dropped in the one, where we had all our questions answered.

Hyundai Thrives to Create an Ideal Inner Structure for their Models

The expertise in making something that will reach beyond the mundane performance of any vehicle, is something that Hyundai has in plenty. Be it the exclusively curved design, the yeoman service and the most reasonable price for delivering an unprecedented height of satisfaction, Hyundai made it all with their goal of following the principle of making everything as ‘Modern Premium’.

Electronic System Configuration for All-Wheel Drivetrain

HTRAC that stands as a short form for Hyundai Traction represents the ideally attributed technicalities of the all-wheel drive system. Hyundai has made this system electronically configured so that it becomes easier for the system to allocate the distribution of traction freely between the wheels both front and rear on the basis of the conditions through which it is driving. The electronic system for the all-wheel drivetrain is implemented to add more dynamism to the vehicle while it will also help in attaining better stability to the vehicle. All this put together work towards enhancing the driving pleasure and help the driver in maneuvering the vehicle out of difficult situations faced on the roads.

Ideal Distribution of Car Body Weight

Hyundai as an age old manufacturer of vehicles learnt through several experience, how important it is to maintain the vehicle balance to attain  high performance index. This leads to the fact that the body weight of any vehicle is required to be evenly distributed. Hence every Hyundai vehicle can be measured as maintaining a 51.2 : 48.8 ratio in distribution of weight from the front-to-the-rear. It needs a mention here, that achieving this ideal distribution of weight was not an easy task. But Hyundai could successfully achieve this by extending the wheelbase and by reducing the overhang both at the front and rear parts of the vehicles. Simultaneously, the front hood length too was increased to add more dynamism to improve the aerodynamics.

Reducing Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH)

As explained by the Philadelphia Hyundai dealer experts, to achieve the best performance in any vehicle, what needs to be done is making the occupants feel comfortable through every patch of ride. If there is any Noise, Vibration or Harshness in the vehicle cabin, it may result into creating a discomfort in the cabin and cause more fatigue to the driver. Hyundai has always given the comfort of the car occupants as first priority and addressed this issue by creating a blockage of noise completely leaving no scope for any external noise, vibration and harshness to spoil the pleasure of driving as well as rides. Hyundai executed this with the installation of a bulkhead in the compartment of engine using advanced soundproofing technologies.

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