How to Sell a Car Fast In the UK?

Do you feel the need to upgrade to a bigger and better car? Or, does car parking woes along with traffic making you reconsider purchasing a smaller car? Or, are you shifting to a new place and want to sell off your assets including your present vehicle? All of these situations require you to first sell off your present car. Selling a car might seem like an easy-peasy task but you need to make sure that you get a good price for your vehicle and are not underpaid.

There are a few tips to keep in mind which will help you sell your car faster and also at a better price.

Tips to help sell your old car faster

  • Inquire around and obtain the information about the right price

Before putting your ad of ‘Sell My Car’, inquire around to find the rate for a used car of your car’s model, type and age. You can even check online for similar cars (from the manufacturer’s site too) and thus get an idea about the current price for a car similar to yours. This will help you fix a suitable price for your car without underpricing it.

  • Get an MOT test done along with all the paperwork in place

An MOT test is a certification proving that the car is in good condition. This creates a good impression upon the buyers making them feel assured that the car is in decent condition and worth buying. Also, a recent MOT means that the buyer will not have to pay for a new certification immediately after the purchase, thus making the deal even sweeter for the buyer.

Apart from getting the annual MOT test done to signify that the car is safe to drive, also make sure to keep all the paperwork related to the car in place. This includes the MOT certificate ms, the service book, the logbook or V5C, the manual provided as well as any receipts and invoices for purchases made for the car or repairs done.

  • Collect all the accessories related to the car and delete any and all stored data

Accessories related to the car, which includes spare sets of keys along with keys to any other parts (such as the alloy wheels) along with parts that were removed or refitted (for instance, the tool kit and the spare tyre or the parcel shelf present in the boot) need to be collected and kept together in one place. Also, because of the current satellite navigation systems the car might copy your phone-book along with contact information into its memory via Bluetooth. This is sensitive data regarding your friends and family which cannot be shared and thus making sure that all the data from the car is deleted before selling it off. You can either check the manual or ask the manufacturer directly via their customer care services about steps to help delete the sensitive and personal data.

  • Clean the car thoroughly before taking pictures and circulating them

A car can be subject to lot of dirt, dust and dumping inside. Make sure to get the car in spic and span condition, from the outside as well as inside, before clicking pictures and posting them for the purpose of sale.

Once these points are checked you can sell the car, either by –

  • Part exchanging it, directly with the manufacturer of the same brand (with purchasing another vehicle from same company) or with a dealer. You can even part exchange the car online
  • Sell via classified advertising
  • Via online or actual auctions
  • Directly to a dealer
  • Via car buying services available online
  • Through a charity donation

So, good luck with the sale of your car!

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