Knowing In Details about the Driving License

There are several categories of driver’s license. These are clearly indicated in the license that one is allotted which kind of driving license. Also, the age is a great factor that determines the type of driving that one can do. Though the person has to pass the driving test after he or she reaches a certain age. In some countries, a learner’s permit is given to the candidates on reaching the age of 16 years for a private vehicle not more than 50cc like the scooters.

Even the mowing machine or the pedestrian controlled vehicle is also allowed in some places. But some specifications like three and four wheel vehicles that do not exceed the weight of 550kg.

Vehicle Driving Allowed At the Age Of 17

Well, at this tender age only the motor tricycles, quad and three to four wheel vehicles that do not have a weight more than 550kg are allowed. The motor vehicles should not be able to accommodate more than 8 passengers and should be up to 3.5t with a maximum weight of 750kg. Same is the case with the automatic transmission and agricultural tractors.

The Permits Are Given At the Age Of 18

For most of the vehicles, the driving license is issued at the age of 18 years of age. If you want the license for driving a commercial vehicle, then you have to wait till you reach the age of 20 years. Some countries prefer the person has attained 21 years. None of the countries delays the license after that age.

Obtaining a Driver’s License

The steps to obtain a driver’s license are an easy one. You have to apply for the learners permit first. After you get that you can practice your driving skills. Later you need to qualify the driving test that the governing authority in your country arranges to secure the license.

To read more about getting the license and the documents you will require you have to refer to the official site.

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