The Success Story of VW All-Electric Race Car

If you are a Volkswagen fan, there is good news you must be probably aware of. Yes you guessed it right. Volkswagen has launched its all-electric I.D. R Race car that has made a historical record while setting up a new standard for the worldwide road race.

At the Riverside Volkswagen, this record-breaking news was proudly displayed, that shows how in the month of June, last year, Volkswagen launched its ID.R that has made a new Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record counting 7:57.148 with the internationally famous French professional auto racing driver Romain Dumas behind its wheels. Sources even say how excited Dumas was while describing his experience, who compared the ID.R with a rocket.

The Concept Behind

The VW ID. R has been built up on the concept of making it all-electric that will be racing like any other conventional racing car, if not better. At the onset of the year 2019 the model of ID.R is going to see some more improvements to sustain the concept of going green even when you are racing.

The expert brains who worked behind the making of this VW ID. R simply thought about pushing the limits further from making a 680 hp ahead as well as the 479 lb-ft of torque.

When Dumas drove the I.D. R, it didn’t only defeat the records of the previous EVs but even the conventionalrace cars, which was a grand success story of Volkswagen.

As per the record it has set, it took Dumas with the VW ID. R only 7 minutes and 57.148 seconds to gush through 12.42 miles up to the hairpin turns, pull up the elevation and touch the finishing line.

ClimbEvery Mountain

Volkswagen has excellently combined power and speed for its I.D. R that is now capable of making 680 of horsepower and 479 lb.-ft. of torque derived from the two electric motors powered by a pack of 40 kWh lithium-ion battery. This powertrain is enough to push the I.D. R hard to pick up the speed from a dead 0 to 100km/hr. in lesser than 2.25 seconds. Although the timing can differ by 1 or 2 units depending on level of grip the driver can come up with.

As per Dumas the power kept working smoothly and silently, without any need to shift the gear or  raging the engine.As the brakes of the Volkswagen I.D. R are particularly designed to generate around 20 percent of the accumulated energy to run the race, while all the crucial aspects, like the battery and engine capacity, its overall range and performance, driving and interior convenience are given equal attention while it was the aim of VW to prove that EVs are designed perfectly for consumer use that can do better than the conventional ones who are still guzzling up the fuel.

The Bottom Line

At the Volkswagen Riverside, the staff looked content and happy to let us know about one morestory of achievement added to the launch and that wasthe fact that it took only 250 days from the beginning of the project for the entire team of VW to develop this record-breaking vehicle.

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