Ways on how you can change your driving test date

When you reserve an appointment date for your driving test, you may not foresee something happening where you’ll need to change that date. However, circumstances in life change all the time so you may end up in a situation where you’ll need to change your driving test date. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways in which you can do this. But just remember that you can only change your driving test date approximately 6 times. After that, you will be forced to cancel your appointment entirely and then book an entirely new one. The consequences of doing that will be having to wait all over again for the full amount of time.

If you are changing your driving test date because you want an earlier time, then you can do one of two things. The first thing is to call the Drivers Standards Agency or go to their website and see if they have any other drivers who’ve canceled their appointments. If you can find an earlier appointment that was canceled by someone else, you can then jump in and quickly book that time slot. There are no guarantees with this method so you must be quick with your booking.

The second way to get an earlier time slot is to switch the test center that you’re going to take your driving test at. Remember that test centers all have their own separate time slots that are available, based on how many people have booked appointments to take their tests at them. So, if you want an earlier time slot, check around at all the test centres in your area. You may even want to consider traveling a little bit farther to a test center that has an earlier time. Check out test centers in rural areas because they typically have fewer appointments than centers located in big city areas.

To get started with changing your driving test date, you go visit www.gov.uk and make the change right online. This links right to the Drivers Standard Agency database which holds the information about your test date. Alternatively, you can call or email their customer care department as well. If your current appointment is coming up soon, you need to change the date within 3 days of the appointment. Otherwise, the DSA will charge you another fee to take the test.

Sometimes your theory test and driving test will not be on the same day. You will have to change each one separately if you want them both to be earlier times. However, it would be very unlikely that you’ll find a time slot for both on the same day and around the same time. So, be prepared to schedule a later date for these tests rather than an earlier date if you want to try and take them on the same day.  The good news is that the method for changing each test date is the same. Just visit www.gov.uk and you’ll find a page for changing your theory test and a page for changing your driving test.  

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