What Everyone Should Know About Certified Auto Appraiser

Regardless of the reasons why you need a certified auto appraiser, it all boils down to the fact that you need an accurate assessment of the vehicle’s value. Anything less will be a total waste of time and money. However, you need to be sure if you are comfortable with your appraisal of choice. Keep in mind that any certified auto appraiser will personally carry out inspection of the vehicle with photos taken. If this first hand inspection does not take place, then you run the risk of getting a lesser value when compared to your car’s worth in the market.

A certified auto appraiser is expected to have adequate training and formal instructions in appraisal theory, principles, procedures, ethics and law. In addition, the appraiser should be up-to-date with the latest professional standards. Prior to picking an auto appraiser, here are some things you should investigate.

Is the appraisal company local?

Apparently, a local appraisal company that is highly active in your home state has perfect understanding how the market operates. Additionally, they will be more familiar with laws and regulations guiding the local market. You can get as much information as you need upon visiting their website. However, websites can sometimes be misleading with regards to the company’s operational location; hence it is ideal to get verification.

Is the appraisal qualified?

Take caution when dealing with appraisers that operate and offer services only through the internet. Also, when shopping for an auto appraiser, it is ideal to opt for only those that are professionally certified and qualified. In your quest to know whether or not they are certified, find out

  • From whom did they get their certification? If provided, look up the certification company on the internet to determine if you are dealing with the right company.
  • What other certifications and accreditations do they have? Make sure you go through these documents and check to see if they were issued by a legitimate organization.
  • If they are licensed, registered and licensed to operate in your locality. Do not work with an appraiser who is neither licensed nor insured. You stand the risk of losing your investment and being swindled should you choose to conduct business with such an individual.
  • If they belong to an appraisal society that carries out regular tests on its members as well as continuous training exercise? The world never stops evolving, so are the standards, rules and procedures. Make sure you appraisal is up-to date with the latest professional standards and can expertly perform the work you require.


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