What it takes to be a success as a Leader – Pointers from Jeffrey Lupient

Ever played chess or have been affluent in chess games? You better be and if not learn it to implement the mind in leadership tactics to achieve optimum success. Leadership is much like a game of chess where one needs to think twice before making the decision of the next move simply because that one move will have an effect on the following decisions to be. There are certain intangible resources that you have to earn throughout your career span in order to become a successful leader, advises Jeffrey Lupient , who is a successful car dealer and an imminent leader. Hard as well as smart work, mutual respect from career guides and peers and most importantly failures, these are the crucial things that contribute majorly in you being an achieved leader.

In the long run, to be the top most name in the field of Leadership, you are required to imbibe a few resources all along your career path. They are as follows:

Deep Listening Attribute

One of the primary skills to foresee, gauge and also analyze a situation is to listen and not just hear. The need for brilliant and deep listening skill increases with the enlargement of the group that you are working with. You have to listen carefully to the issues of your co-workers in order to solve them by the taking the best possible decisions. To understand the scenario better you need to pump up the listening power. This will render increased confidence because you take wiser decisions if you understand well be listening well.

Learning from mistakes is the key

There are very many talks about how leadership is a quality that comes by birth and cannot be developed otherwise. You need to be clear on this one thing. Nobody is born a leader, one can only become a leader as and when you evolve from the mistakes that you make in the process and rectify them on future occasions. So, do make it a point to pay much heed to the mistakes that you make because you surely know the age-old saying that mistakes are the actual steps towards success. The thought that you are a natural leader will make you stagnant with no scope of betterment. Leadership is all about learning and re-learning.

Humility can crack the hardest of nut-shells

Both in personal life as well as professional, a humble attitude can get you through all thick and thins. Not just that it will also help you earn deserving appreciation as well as respect from your seniors, peers and team members. In the case of major glitches to take the responsibility by keeping aside the bossy ego and appreciation of team mates whenever required can make you an ideal leader that people would look up to.

Flexibility in management skills

Being a leader you cannot be imposing one particular managing skill in a majority. This Jeffrey Lupient has learned from his career. For instance, would the subordinates like it if you are always very commanding, would that inspire them to work better? The answer is a straight No. So, you need to understand which scenario requires which management attribute and play it accordingly.

So the moral of the story is that to be a successful leader you need to close to relate to the situation and on the same hand, motivate and inspire by being steps ahead.

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