Why Tekmetric Can Change the Way You Look at Auto Shop Software

Running an auto body shop is difficult work and requires a lot of skill and patience. Unfortunately, if you’re not using the proper auto shop software, it can be difficult to keep track of parts, client accounts, customer information and employee scheduling. By utilizing a great-quality program, you’re not only able to simplify your work station, but you’ll find that it is more profitable for you and your customers as well.

What is Auto Shop Software?

The Tekmetric software enables you to customize the program to your own shop’s needs. The software has a variety of different capabilities including work order management, estimate and repair creation in seconds, the ability to manage multiple shops at once as well as the ability to inventory and order parts as they are needed. Without a program like this, all of the work is going to be done by hand or with an older program that might not make the task easy.

Why Your Business Needs It

In the past, you might have had to write work orders by hand, hope that your employees were keeping up with inventory and take hours to come up with an estimate for a client on the work that they needed to have done. Not only is this unprofessional, but it can be frustrating for everyone involved. Clients don’t want to have to wait an hour for you to call them back with the price on the work their vehicle needs, nor do your workers want to be running out of supplies just because you’re taking inventory by hand. Your company needs a quality auto shop software that is not just easy to use, but incredibly quick and efficient at what it does.

The Best Option for Your Company Needs

Tekmetric creates the absolute best auto shop software available. Their program has been around for many years and is constantly being upgraded to improve its features and specifications. The program was designed to help the average auto body shop owner to handle inventory, work orders, estimates and client accounts more efficiently without the need for paper filing or accounting. Tekmetric allows you to try out a demo before you commit to buying their program. Because the software is cloud-based, you can access your account information from virtually any computer or device that you have in and out of the shop. This means that even if you are away from your business for any length of time, you still have full access to what’s going on thanks to Tekmetric.

Why Cloud-Based Systems are Preferred

Cloud-based systems are preferred because everyone within the shop has full access to the program. In the past, you might have had just one software CD that would be used on the main computer. When a worker has to put information into the program, they needed access to that one computer system. Now, a cloud-based option, like the one that Tekmetric offers, enables your employees to put in inventory, client information and estimate data whether they are using their own computer, phone, tablet or work order device.

Because your auto body shop won’t run itself, you need an auto shop software like the one that Tekmetric provides. Not only are these programs highly advantageous whether you have a new or older shop, but they are easy to use even for individuals who aren’t entirely computer-savvy. The price that you pay for the program is well worth what you get out of it, and it can be integrated on any device that you and your workers have within the shop.

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