Why the Ezibend Copper Nickel Tube is the Ideal Fuel Line

Copper has been used for a huge range of tasks since the preliminary years of the Bronze Age, and for good reason – it is one of the most versatile materials known, and extremely easy to blend with other materials, creating alloys that can perform well in a huge range of situations.

One of these alloys is the copper/nickel alloy used in BrakeQuip’s copper nickel tubing. Called the Ezibend, this fuel line tube has a range of advantages over its fuel line rivals, like:

Immune to rusting and corrosion

Unlike braided steel, copper nickel doesn’t corrode and won’t ever rust, making it a great choice as a long-term investment or in a vehicle which will regularly be exposed to water. Copper nickel’s inert nature also prevents it from corroding in constant contact with fuel or brake fluid.

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Very easy to bend, flare and work

In addition to being inert and difficult to corrode, copper nickel is relatively malleable, and in the thin lines used for a copper nickel tube, it can actually be bent by hand! This removes the need for complex fuel line tools like tube benders and means that small realigning work is extremely easy and convenient. In addition to this, the malleability of the material makes it better suited to bigger jobs too, as it is extremely easy to flare, skive and otherwise work with using fuel line tools.

Polishes to a brilliant shine

Although fuel lines are not always the visual pride and joy of a car owner, the Ezibend copper nickel tube polishes to a brilliant finish, not only making the interior of the car seem more perfectly-finished, but making the fuel lines extremely easy to see, locate and work with.

Exceeds international standards

While every brake line and fuel line from Brakequip meets international safety and performance standards, the Ezibend actually considerably exceeds them. This means that besides being an easily-worked, easy to locate, durable fuel line, these copper nickel tubing lines are also very safe and very reliable! In fact, this reliability and high safety rating mean that Ezibend copper nickel tubing is the standard fuel line on a number of European luxury cars, freight vehicles, and military vehicles.

Available in a range of sizes

While copper nickel tubing is very easy to flare and skive, the closer it is to the necessary size to begin with, the better for the fit and lifespan of the material. As a result of this, the Ezibend is available in a range of diameters to closely fit as many vehicle assemblies as possible, usually requiring no flaring work at all or very minimal flaring work. The Ezibend is available in 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″, to fit as many options as possible

While there are a huge, almost limitless range of brake lines and fuel lines available, few can match Brakequip’sEzibend copper nickel tubing in terms of variability, consistency, quality and style. For more information, call the experts at Brakequip today on 01257 220010.

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